Prisoner list


John Bowden, Prison No. 6729 HMP Shotts, Cantrell Road, Shotts, Scotland, ML7 4LE

John Bowden, convicted in 1978 for a brutal murder, has spent his entire adult life in prison. Politicised by his incarceration he’s regularly paid the price for his resistance through long periods of isolation, beatings and treatment amounting to torture. He has never been broken and is one of the UK’s most articulate and vociferous prison writers and a powerful advocate of prisoners rights.

Paddy Besiris c/o ABC, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY. Pleaded guilty in May 2012 to violent disorder during the riots in Stokes Croft riots. Paddy was sentenced to 14 months, of which he will serve 7 months due to his early plea. He is a Greek socialist who was involved in various activist groups and recently moved from HMP Horfield after tying to unionise G-wing. Paddy appreciates letters, cards, newsletters and books.

SHAC Trial
In a dangerous precedent, heavy sentences were recently handed out to those involved in a legal campaign against vivisection, on the grounds that they were associated with illegal acts committed autonomously against the same targets, with no proof that they themselves had committed any such acts. For up to date information about these and other animal liberation prisoners see

Sheree Wilson (A0353AQ) & Aminata Camar,(TG8688), HMP Holloway, Parkhurst Rd, London, N70NU.
The Yarl’s Wood 3 imprisoned in HMP Holloway since February 2010 for their part in a hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre. Update: Denise McNeil granted bail in January, the other 2 didn’t get bail. Please write to them. Info: &

Mikalaj Dziadok, Tyurma SIZO-1, ul. Volodarskogo 2, 220050 Minsk, Belarus (New address!!)
Aleksander Frantskevich, k.46 SIZO-1, ul.Volodarskogo 2, 220050 Minsk, Belarus
Ihar Alinevich, c/o P.O. Box 8, Glavpochtampt, 220050 Minsk, Belarus

3 anarchists/activists on remand after wave of repression by Belarus state in run up to presidential elections on 19 December (after which there was much more – at least 20 people still held in prison). Accused of minor actions but face over 6 years prison. More info at:


Jock Palfreeman, Sofia Central Prison, 21 General Stoletov Boulevard,
Sofia 1309, Bulgaria.
Jock Palfreeman is a 23 year old Australian who had the courage to stand up against 16 Nazis on a night out in Sofia, Bulgaria. He witnessed the fascists chasing and attacking two young Roma boys. Jock ran to the boys’ aid, he did his best to keep the Nazis at bay by waving a knife at them but they attacked him. Jock was left with nowhere to run and had no choice but to defend himself. Andrey Monov, one of the Nazis, was stabbed and killed and another, Antoan Zahariev was injured. The Roma boys ran away.
Jock has since been tried and sentenced for murder and attempted murder. He has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and has been fined 375,000 Australian dollars.


Kelly Pflug-Back, Vanier Centre for Women,  P.O Box 1040, 655 Martin street, Milton, Ontario, L9t 5E6, Canada

Kelly was sentenced to 15months in jail followed by 3 years of probation for her involvement in the Black Bloc at the Toronto G20.


On November 11th 2008, French Anti-Terrorism Police arrested around twenty people, mostly in Tarnac, a small village in the Corrèze region of central France. Nine were subsequently accused of “criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity” in connection with the sabotage of train lines which had caused delays on the French railways, five of them were released on bail and two remain in custody. Very little evidence has been presented against them, but central to the prosecution is their alleged authorship of a book, The Coming Insurrection, and their association with what the French government has termed the “anarcho-autonomous movement”. They and others are the victims of a witch-hunt in which the word “terrorism” is applied to any ideas and practices which challenge the status quo. An international movement is emerging in their support.

email contact: ussupportcommittee (at)
To send letters, postcards, notes to the imprisoned, write to:
Comité de soutien aux inculpés de Tarnac, le bourg, 19170 Tarnac, France


Thomas Meyer Falk, JVA Bruchsal, Zelle 3117, Schoenbornstr. 32, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany:
In 1996, Thomas was sent down for a bank robbery. He’ll be inside until at least 2010. Because of his strong beliefs, he’s been subject to very harsh repression – kept in solitary, daily cell raids, suppression and censorship of mail, no access to education. In 2007, he was finally been moved out of solitary and can now participate in education and other activities, but was not granted parole and is appealing this decision.
When writing, it’s useful to include up to 3 IRC’s (International reply coupons available from the post office) at a time.
For more info email:
or see

Aachen 4
On the 28th June 2004, near Aachen in the area of the German/Dutch border, police stopped a car with four people, including Spanish anarchist fugitives Jose Delgado and Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Begonia Pombo da Silva (Gabriel’s sister) and Bart de Geeter. The car attempted to escape, and shots were exchanged between the police and the fleeing car.
Jose Fernandez Delgado: 14 years in prison
Gabriel Pombo da Silva: 13 years in prison

Gabriel Pombo da Silva, JVA Aachen, Krefelder Str. 251, 52070 Aachen, Germany
Jose Fernandez Delgado, Aachenerstr. 47, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany

Munich Squatters
Three young squatters are serving 5 years sentences after throwing stones at the police evicting their squat in 2007, an action which was inflated by the authorities into a charge of attempted murder:

Lukas Winkler, Marktplatz 1, 96157 Ebrach, Germany
Stephanie Träger, JVA Aichach, Münchner Straße 33, 86551 Aichach, Germany
Sven Maurer, Marktplatz 1, 96157 Ebrach, Germany
Also see



Christos Tsakalos, Grevena general detention facility [Geniko katastima kratisis
Grevenon], 51 100 Grevena, Greece

Gerasimos Tsakalos, Domokos prisons [Filakes Domokou], 35 010
Domokos, Fthiotida, Greece

Damiano Bolano, Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou-A Pteryga, T.K. 1811O, KORYDALLOS,

Panagiotis Argyrou, Geniko Katastima, Kratisis Domokou, D1 Pteryga, TK 35010, Domokos,
Fthiotida, Greece

Haris Hadjimihelakis, Kleisti Filakon, Trikalon, TK 42100 Trikala, Greece

Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Komotini judicial prison [Dikastiki filaki Komotinis], 69 100,
Komotini, Greece

Giorgos Polidoros, Grevena general detention facility [Geniko katastima kratisis
Grevenon], 51 100 Grevena, Greece

Olga Ekonomidou, Eleonas, Thebes general detention facility [Geniko katastima
kratisis Eleona Thivon], 32 200 Thebes, Viotia, Greece

Mihalis Nikolopoulos, Trikala closed prison [Klisti filaki Trikalon], 42 100 Trikala,

For better and more direct communication,
you can write to the comrades in solidarity who have set up a post box. Use
only this address to contact the soli-group.

(no other name on envelopes):

Post Box 5107

TK. 14510, Nea Kifissia,

Athens, Greece

An email has been set-up for the
International Proposal from the CCF / IRF for a Black International of

The International Proposal :

Addresses of the accused, who denied
membership of CCF.

Panayiotis Masouras

Geniko Katastima Kratisis Grevenon

TK 51100 Grevena, Greece

Alexandros Mitrousias

Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou, A Pteryga

TK 18110 Korydallos

Athens, Greece

Konstantina Karakatsani

Ginaikies Filakes Koridallou

TK 18110 Korydallos

Athens, Greece

Giorgos Karagiannidis

Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou, A P

TK 18110 Korydallos

Athens, Greece

(All serving long sentences)

information about the case can be found


Christos Stratigopoulos

Dikastikes Filakes Koridallos

T.K. 18110



Yiannis Dimitrakis

Filakes Domokou


Fthiotida Greece

Simos Seisidis

St. Paul Hospital…





At 4 o’clock in the morning of June 13th,2012, the Special Operations Group (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale,ROS) of the Carabinieri [paramilitary police] raided about forty homes implementing the so-called ‘Operation Boldness’ (Operazione Ardire), a crackdown against people from the anarchist movement ordered by Manuela Comodi, public prosecutor of Perugia.

According to the regime’s media, a total of 10 arrest warrants were issued–eight within Italy, one sent to Germany and one sent to Switzerland – while 24  have been put under judicial investigation.


As for Germany and Switzerland, the precautionary measures were ordered against two anarchists that have already been kidnapped by the State several years ago, namely Gabriel Pomba da Silva and Marco Cameneisch.

For more details see

Please send letters of support to:

Stefano Gabriele Fosco (Please write only in Italian)

Elisa Di Bernardo

CC di Pisa

Via Don Bosco, 43

56127 Pisa, Italy

Alessandro Settepani

Paola Francesca Iozzi

CC Capanne

via Pievaiola 252

06132 Perugia, Italy

Sergio Maria Stefani

CC Regina Coeli

Via Della Lungara, 29

00165 Roma, Italy

Katia Di Stefano

CC Rebibbia Femminile

Via Bartolo Longo

00156 Roma, Italy

Giuseppe Lo Turco

CC Marassi

Piazzale Marassi, 2

16139 Genova, Italy

Giulia Marziale (Has only very limited English)

CC Teramo

Contrada Castrogno

64100 Teramo, Italy

There’s a steady stream of reports of extensive repression from Italy. Ecological anarchists, squatters and ALF activists are more and more active, but are also facing more arrests, raids and random fit-ups.

Il Silvestre Defendants
Eleven eco-anarchists in Italy were arrested on charges relating to alleged involvement in the magazine ‘Terra Selvaggia’, and accused of forming themselves into a direct action group known as COR (Revolutionary Offensive Cells) and carrying out a number of actions including acts of arson, targeting right wing politicians and targeting the construction site of a police station. There was practically no evidence against the 11, other than the fact Il Silvestre had published a COR press release in their magazine Wild Earth. However despite the lack of evidence, six of the eleven defendants were found guilty and have been handed sentences of between 3½ years to 6 years imprisonment.. 11 people faced trial. All are linked to the eco-anarchist group Il Silvestre. All were accused of COR activities.

To write to their support group:
Casella Postale 351, Livorno Centro, 57123 Livorno – ITALY, email:

Daniele Casalini & Francesco Gioia have been aquited of the charges of blowing up electricity pylons but were found guilty and sentenced to four years for bank robbery. Also a third person, Leonardo Landi, has been sentenced to 6 years for robbery but found not guilty of subversive association:

Leonardo Landi, Carcere San Michele, Via Casale, 50/A, 15122 San Michele (AL), Italy.

Two people arrested in pre-trial detention on charges of attempted sabotage, car theft and subversive association:

Sergio Maria Stefani, Carcere San Michele, Via Casale, 50/A, 15122 San, Michele (AL), Italy.
Freed in early August 2010.
Antonio Mescia, c/o Casa di Reclusione di Civitavecchia, Via Aurelia, km 79,600 00053 – Civitavecchia (RM), Italy. Antifascist activist arrested in Naples on 1st May 2010, after a fight between activists and fascists at the yearly International Workers’ Day demo. Check out the support blog for more info in English:

Carmelo Musumeci, Casa Circondariale, Via Maiano 10, 06049 Spoleto (PG), Italy.
Anarchist lifer who has already spent more than 20 years in jail. Carmelo has done numerous hunger strikes, is a prolific writer and an active campaigner for the abolishment of life detention (check out the organisation he’s involved with at:

Mauro Rossetti Busa, Casa Circondariale, Via San Biagio 6, 81030 Carinola (CE), Italy.
Social prisoner arrested numerous times. Arrested again in 2004 for robbery, and accused of arson attacks. Mauro is accused of subversive association and “being part of an anarcho-insurrectionalist group”. Mauro’s been hassled for his contacts and friendships with people and groups on the outside.

Claudio Latino; Davide Bortolato; Alfredo Davanzo; Bruno Ghirardi; Vincenzo Sisi; Massimo Gaeta; Salvatore Scivoli; Massimiliano Toschi
Casa Circondariale, Via Tre Fontane 28, 88100 Siano (CZ), Italy.

On 12th February 2007, after a massive police operation called Tramonto (Sunset) that involved more than 500 armed officers and helicopters, 15 anarcho-communist activists were arrested. Some of them are militants, some only sympathisers, workers and students, some are only acquaintances of the so-called “terrorists”.


UPDATE (10/10/12) Yekaterina Samutsevich has been released on appeal; the other two members of Pussy Riots have been sentenced to two years in a prison camp.

Pussy Riot are a femininst punk collective. On 17 August 2012 3 of its members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, and each was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

They can only receive letters in Russian and all letters will be censored. For help with contacting Nadezhda, Maria and Yekaterina check out:

Aleksey Bychin, SIZO 47/2, ul. Akademika Lebedeva, dom. 39, 195005 St. Peterburg, Russia.
Antifascist sentenced in May 2009 to 5 years for fighting with neo-nazis. Continues to de held in prison despite previous update the he had been released. [13/11/10]

Rinat Sultanov, FBU IZ-47\4, ul. Lebedeva d. 39, 195009 Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Anti-fascist Rinat Sultanov has been sentenced in St. Petersburg to two years in prison, for causing “grievous bodily ham to a Nazi during a fight, which took place 4th of November (“Day of national unification”, main convergence day of Russian Nazis) three years ago.

In few weeks, Rinat will be sent to a prison camp to his home region to do remainder of his sentence. But if you write him immediately at the above address, chances are that letters will still reach him. [06/04/11]


The Cordoba Four
The Malaga court of appeal sentenced the anarchists Giovani Barcia, Michele Pontolillo and Claudio Lavaza, already sentenced to 11 years on September 1999, for an incident in the Italian vice-consulate in December 1996. Three persons wearing balaclavas imprisoned the consul and an employee, sending a message of solidarity to the Italian prisoners jailed by the Judge Marini (the judge who built a false accusation against Italian anarchists) and disappeared with passports and some money. These three Italians were convicted of this, as well as a previous bank robbery with sentences of 49 years for Claudio, 48 years for Giorgio and Giovani, 3 years for Michele. Write to them:

Claudio Lavazza, C.P. Teixerio – Curtis, Mod. 11, Carretera de Paradela s/n, 15310 A Coruña, Spain.

Giorgio Rodriguez
Disappeared when out of prison on three days release Summer 2009.

Giovanni Barcia, C.P.El Acebuche, Ctra. Cueva de los Úbeda, km 2,5, 04071.- El Acebuche, Almería, Spain.

Jose María Pirla Olivan
CP de Albolote. Ctra. Comarcal 220, Km. 6 – 18220, Albolote (Granada), Spain.
An anarchist comrade who has been in prison for 30 years and who currently has an on-going campaign for his release. See: Campaign To Release Jose Maria Pirla Oliván.


Jonatan Strandberg, Anstalten Storboda, 19595 Rosersberg, Sweden.
Serving a sentence for ELF actions in which a communication tower connected to the Department of Defence was sabotaged with a firebomb, and a building crane in a urban sprawl project and seperately a logging truck were sabotaged.


Marco Camenisch, Justizvollzugsanstalt Lenzburg, Postfach 75, 5600 Lenzburg, Switzerland.

Marco is a Swiss anarchist and evironmental activists who has been in prison since 1989. He is serving a 18 year sentence: 10 years for using explosives to destroy electricity pylons leading from nuclear power stations and 8 years for the murder of a Swiss Border Guard whilst on the run. In 2002 Marco completed a 12-year sentence in Italy for destroying electricity pylons in Italy as part of a sabotage campain against the nuclear industry.

Solidarity is our weapon: let’s use this weapon by sending cards and greetings to Marco. [9/10/10]



There are over 100 political prisoners and prisoners of war in the

US, some have been locked up for near on 40 years. The US

government often tests out repressive technologies and

isolation/control strategies in prison before moving them to the


Here are a few good resources to check out for politcal prisoners

and prisoners of war in the US:

pow-support-resources, and

ZOLO AGONA AZANIA, #4969, P.O. Box 41, Michigan City, IN

46361, Indiana State Prison, U.S. Zolo Azania is a former Black

Panther convicted of a 1981 bank robbery that left a Gary, Indiana

cop dead.

LYNNE STEWART, #53504-054, P.O. Box 27137, Fort Worth, TX

76127, FMC Carswell, U.S. Radical human rights attorney Lynne

Stewart has been falsely accused of helping terrorists. This is an

obvious attempt by the U.S. government to silence dissent, curtail

vigorous defence lawyers, and install fear in those who would fight

against the U.S. government’s racism, seek to help Arabs and

Muslims being prosecuted for free speech and defend the rights of

all oppressed people.

HANIF S. BEY (B. GEREAU), RR 1 Box 9955, Kingshill, St Croix, V.I

00850, Hanif is part of the “Virgin Island Five”, who are supporters

of the Virgin Island independence movement to resist colonial rule

began to grow in the U.S. occupied Virgin Islands in the 1970s.

“Virgin Island Five” are a group of activists accused of murdering

eight people in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The five were charged after

being subjected to vicious torture, in order to extract confessions.

DANIEL MCGOWAN, #63794-053, FCI Terre Haute – CMU, Post

Office Box 33,Terre Haute, Indiana, 47408, U.S. Daniel McGowan is

an American environmental activist who was arrested and charged

in federal court on multiple counts of arson and conspiracy, relating

to the arson of Superior Lumber company in Glendale, Oregon on

January 2, 2001 and Jefferson Poplar Farms in Clatskanie, Oregon

on May 21, 2001 claimed by the Earth Liberation Front. McGowan

was facing a minimum of life in prison if convicted when he

accepted a non-cooperation plea agreement on November 9, 2006.

His arrest is part of what the US government has dubbed Operation

Backfire. Daniel is being held in a Communications Management

Unit (a.k.a. little Guantanamo) – please check his website for more

information on mail restrictions:

JEROME WHITE-BEY – #37479, Southeast Correctional

Center(SECC), 4C-106, 300 East Pedro Simmon Drive, Charleston,

MO 63834, U.S. Jerome White-Bey is the founder and president of

the Missouri Prisoner Labour Union, an organisation of Missouri

prisoners and their outside supporters who are organizing around

labour and other prison conditions. Since the founding of the MPLU,

Jerome has been subject to administrative harassment and

retaliation. He was in the “hole” (administrative segregation) for

two years following the formation of the MPLU and has constantly

been moved in and out of segregation since.

MARIE JEANETTE MASON, 04672-061, FMC Carswell, Federal

Medical Center, P.O. Box 27137, Fort Worth, TX 76127, USA.

According to the BOP inmate locator, Marie Mason is at the Federal

Medical Center in Fort Worth. Although rumors continue to swirl,

there is no confirmation at this time as to where Marie will end up.

Marie is vegan. Marie was sentenced on 5th February 2009 to an

outrageous 21 years and 10 months imprisonment for ELF/ALF


ERIC MCDAVID, 16209-097, FCI Terminal Island, Federal

Correctional Institution, PO BOX 3007, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA.

Eric was sentenced to just under 20 years imprisonement for

conspiring to think about actions! (Part of an FBI sting operation).

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